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Wills & Estates

RUSH & HAMPSHIRE Barristers & Solicitors have decades of experience in the drawing of WILLS, POWERS OF ATTORNEY, GRANTS OF PROBATE & LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION.

In respect to WILLS, we listen carefully to the clients and draw the documents to accurately express their last wishes. This is best achieved by exploring, with the clients, all their assets, personal belongings and the people in their lives. The document then becomes a true reflection of the clients last wishes rather than a standard run of the mill form. It is truly a ‘WILL TO DIE FOR”.

Warrandyte Wills

RUSH & HAMPSHIRE Barristers & Solicitors have vast experience in Family Law and so can provide sound legal advice when drawing Wills when clients are in second marriages or domestic relationships. Careful consideration must be given to the children in these respective families. Sometimes Wills are drawn and leave some family or estranged family members feeling quite disenchanted and more importantly financially disadvantaged.

RUSH & HAMPSHIRE Barristers & Solicitors have the expertise to act on behalf of clients in Part IV Applications in the Supreme Court. “Challenges” to Wills most often occur in Wills where the testators do not make proper provision for family members from first marriages and where family members have been estranged. Of course this can be prevented by engaging RUSH & HAMPSHIRE to draw Wills that will minimise any possible challenge. On the other hand, RUSH & HAMPSHIRE Barristers & Solicitors, can give sound and realistic advice to clients on the merits of a challenge to a Will.


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